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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training credible?

Absolutely. From NASA to professional sports’ teams to chiropractors and physiotherapists, WBV has been accepted and is being employed throughout the world. Its proven benefits are detailed in medical journals and research done in more than 30 universities worldwide.


How much weight in how much time should I expect to lose?

You should look at size and not pounds, because toning your body turns fat into muscle and muscle is denser and therefore weighs more. For this reason, it is best to measure to track results rather than weigh. Still, this will greatly vary from person to person, depending on many factors such as diet, other physical activity, age, metabolism, etc. If you do at least 1-2 sessions per day consistently using the basic exercises, you should expect to see a noticeable difference in size within 1 month.


Is ZAAZ WBV like a treadmill?

No, Oscillating Vibration is a gentle workout that is not hard on your joints. Instead of walking, you simply stand or perform simple exercises on a moveable vibrating plate that encourages muscle contractions using your own body’s own weight.


Will I sweat during the vibration workout?

If you are only standing, you will still get benefits from the machine without sweat. But, if you add exercise to your activity it may cause an increase in body temperature and metabolism. This in turn may cause you to perspire so you may sweat during your vibration workout.


Does it replace exercise?

It is encouraged to supplement your vibration workout with a cardio workout. However if you do not do any exercise at all, try to do at least 10 sessions per week of Whole Body Vibration to get the amount of activity your body needs.


Are ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration machines FDA approved?

Yes, with registration #3007722048. They are both FDA and Health Canada approved as an exercise machine and a medical device.


Is ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration similar to any other exercise?

No, Oscillating Vibration is a gentle workout that is low impact on your joints. Instead of walking, you simply stand or perform simple exercises on a moveable vibrating plate that encourages muscle contractions using your body’s own weight. Traditional exercise tends to be very linear and only effective in targeting a single muscle group. Whole Body Vibration activates an average of 97% of your muscle groups at all times.


What kinds of machines does ZAAZ Studios sell?

ZAAZ Studios sells oscillating/pivotal vibration exercise machines that are FDA approved as a medical device and an exercise machine.


How many calories do you burn in a 10-Minute Session?

Calorie loss is impossible to accurately measure because there are so many variables. It has been calculated that it can yield approximately 150-400 calorie loss. This can increase by intensifying the activity on the machine. Of course, it is completely dependent on what you do on the machine during the session.


How many times can you use the machine a day?

Whole Body Vibration can be used no more than 48 minutes a day. Have a 45 minute interval between sessions. Use the machine at least 5-7 sessions a week for better results.


How do you stand on the machine?

The correct way to stand on the machine is simply an upright comfortable position with your head facing straight and forward and knees straight. Never lock or bend the knees unless lifting weights (slight bend) or doing squats.


How does ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration affect the body?

Standing on a vibration plate stimulates all parts of the body with 6 to 30 muscle contractions a second, which is up to 1800 a minute. Research shows that WBV can significantly improve strength, firm and tone the body, improve bone density, improves circulation, mobility, flexibility, posture and balance.


Why is WBV good for wrinkles?

WBV stimulates the water molecules in the body. So when using the machine you massage the face gently and steer the fluids from the congested area and massage towards the heart. A faster speed is chosen, with legs together and 90 degrees, feet flat on the floor sitting on a stool.


What can I do for targeting the core areas?

For at least 2 minutes of your session, squeeze and tuck in the abdomen and the glutes. You can also try the ski position, and twisting your upper body 90 degrees on each side and holding it with your arms up and outward.


I have seen other machines that are cheaper, what’s the difference?

ZAAZ machines are the higher quality of WBV machine for the price that exists on the market. The only comparable technology to ours is over twice the price and is not FDA approved nor do they carry the same warranty as ours. ZAAZ machines are perfectly engineered to deliver a high concentration of movement and offer a wide range of benefits. Other machines that are cheaper do not have the same strength of motor, do not have as many speeds and as powerful intensity, are not as well designed and poorly engineered machines can actually move you in ways that can be bad for you rather than beneficial. The warrant of our machines is superior and ours are among the very few that are FDA approved as Class 1 medical devices.

Exercise Guide


How And Why To Stand

All you have to do to get benefits from Whole Body Vibration is stand on the Machine in a comfortable straight position.

Stand tall with your tummy and bottom tucked in (pelvic tilt). This position will keep you standing straight with muscles tight. Remember to keep your shoulders back and away from the ears.

You can gain a significant amount of benefits by just standing in this position.

There are two ways of holding the knees, slightly bent and straight. If you are doing weights or stress exercises, then the knees should be slightly bent to protect your back muscles. What bent knees do is cushion or soften the vibration. However, if you want the vibration to go through your body as strongly as possible, then your knees should be straight.

Just try it for yourself – feel your lower back and shoulders when the knees are bent and compare to when the knees are straight, and you will be able to judge for yourself. The amplitude of the plate (how far apart your feet are) also makes a big difference.

If you are standing tall with your tummy and bottom firm and tucked in, you are doing a pelvic tilt. A pelvic tilt activates the three muscles of the pelvic girdle or pelvic sling, which is important for core stability. Rotating the body while in this position helps flexibility, balance, and helps decrease pain in the lower back.

It is always better to work barefoot because we are not meant to wear shoes. The vibration will better strengthen our arches and the muscles in our feet. It will also give you a nice soothing reflexology massage benefit. Try standing on a towel if you prefer some softer vibrations.


Choosing the Right Speed

The following speeds are a recommendation only and would depend on your state of health and physical condition. To enable good balance, your feet should be equally distanced from the center axis of the plate.


- Lower speeds: Lower speeds are ideal for posture and strength exercises.

- Middle and higher speeds: Middle speeds are for weight training and stretching.

- Higher speeds: Higher speeds are for massage and muscle relaxation.



To increase the intensity of your workout we suggest you:

1. Extend the time of each position by progressively increasing from 30 to 45 to 60 seconds (as instructed in our programs).

2. Perform exercise dynamically i.e. with movements or rotation.

3. Increase the speed.

4. Incorporate unilateral movement, i.e., perform exercises on one leg, etc.

5. Increase amplitude by moving your feet further apart.



New users should start off gradually and may need to rest by stepping off the ZAAZ 20k for 30-60 seconds between strength exercises.






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