Fremont Chiropractic Services

Acoustic Compression Therapy (ACT)

We would like to introduce the Wellwave. The Wellwave is designed to promote rapid healing of plantar fascitis, knee pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and many other painful and debilitating conditions.

This revolutionary treatment came to USA from Germany just a short time ago. We have been using it in our office with great success with the above mentioned conditions.

The Wellwave is well suited for acute conditions such as knee or ankle sprains but works amazingly well at healing chronic problems such as plantar fascitis, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow.

Most patients will see improvement in their condition in 1 session. In 10 sessions or less most will see lasting improvement in pain and increased range of motion and function. The end result in under 6 weeks in most cases is return to doing things you love like running, walking, playing tennis, golfing, cycling.

Get your life back. Give Wellwave a try to return to a healthy active lifestyle free from pain!

  Stop Suffering From Pain And Discomfort.