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James L.Sunnyvale, CA

My review got erased by accident? Yelp bug showed two redundant ones then both got deleted when I removed one... -- repost! Dr Paul and Evangeline were warm patient and inviting towards me from the start. I was miserable at the time and extremely pessimistic about my situation after 15 years of pain. They were so kind and knowledgeable, helped me feel a lot better in just a few visits. Dr Paul spent tons of dedicated energy to trigger point massage and adjust my neck/upper back. These were chronic pain discomforts I had from my car accident. It was getting worse and I was desperate for help before I met the staff at Warms Springs chiro. Not only did they make my life better, relieving me of pain and sleepless nights, but they also became great friends or just fun to talk to when I would visit. I'm really grateful for everything Dr Paul did for me. He is really a great guy and strong at what he does. Evangeline and their support staff are great too. Good people and treatments. Thank you Paul and Evangeline- I don't come by for treatment anymore because I no longer work in Fremont, but hope to say hello sometime.

Fremont Chiropractor
Phil H.San Jose, CA

I came here for a laser lipo treatment and examination and I really enjoyed it. The service is good the customer service is awesome I would recommend going on Groupon or going on LivingSocial as you will find them post some of their specials and discounted prices thank goodness for that because I saved a few bucks I would recommend coming there on the off days when they're not as busy and it usually Wednesday through Friday I think they are now closed on Fridays so you might have to schedule ahead. Good place, great location.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Joanna L.Fremont, CA

I was having a horrible shoulder and neck pain for years. My colleague referred me to see Dr. Paul and he adjusted my neck in one short appointment. I felt much better. Always feels good to get an adjustment before leave his office. An amazing Chiropractor! Just see him and you won't regret it!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Lorena V.Union City, CA

Dr. Paul and his staff took care of me after my first car accident. They referred me to a great lawyer that took care of my legal needs. Dr. Paul was great at listening to my concerns, aches and pains. He made sure there was progress and everything was taken care of. They can get pretty busy at times and you may end up waiting a bit but they reassure you by checking in often. I would definately recommend this place to my friends, family, and yelpers. After my treatment was complete and the settlement came in Dr. Paul was able to work with me and give me a break on the bill. Dr. Paul is genuinely a caring person that puts you first.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Crystal W.Emeryville, CA

I've been coming here for the past 2.5 years because even though I'm not exactly "old," I have chronic lower back pain and get horrible upper/lower back cramps from hunching over books and sitting at my desktop all day. Back pain had been getting so bad that a 15 minute car ride was getting to be torture. Coming here provides temporary relief (because apparently, for the relief to last, the visits are supposed to be weekly as opposed to the every 2-3 months that I stop by) that lasts half a week to a week, which is well-worth each visit. As a college student, I had a pretty sporadic schedule for visiting home, but Dr. Lau and Dr. Paul were always available for some impromptu back adjustments. The occasional 15 minute wait is understandable because I usually call 4-5 hours before I stop by, but those rare times when I actually schedule an appointment, the wait is less than 10 min. Their staff makes getting massages quite comfortable with pleasant conversation, so the experience is never awkward. The first few times, the adjustments (kind of like back-cracking, but not quite), especially the neck/spinal ones, were strange/scary, but it definitely felt good afterwards! Because the cost is almost entirely covered by insurance (I've never hit the max), I'm not exactly sure is this experience ranks on the cheap or expensive end, but I definitely am satisfie

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Lisa C.Santa Clara, CA

Long overdue review...didn't have a yelp account for the longest time but I had to create one and let you all know how wonderful this place has been for me. Insurance: United PPO A Copay: $30 Yay, they're in-network for me For many years I lived with severe neck and shoulder pain from a lifetime of abuse and not having health care...( apparently due to a mild degree of scoliosis and 3 or 4 bulged disks) Some days have been so bad I LITERALLY could not get out of bed because my neck and below were paralyzed with searing pain. Dr. Paul and Dr. Lau were the only two chiropractors I've seen who were able to rehabilitate me. I've seen several chiropractors in my lifetime and Warm Springs wasn't the first office I saw since my chronic pain started. They are maybe the 8th or 9th office I've been to and settled on because the care has been so effective. In fact, the previous office I went to, Dr. Coronel at Fremont Family and Sports Chiropractic, even refused to see me after I spent a small fortune going there for 2 months! (and yes, they had good yelp reviews too!) I was devastated and thought I would just have to live with the pain until I found Warms Springs Chiro. Dr. Lau did my intake exam. I'm actually a little embarrassed because I was so desperate to find some relief from my chronic pain and so despaired from other non-helpful chiropractors that I actually broke into tears during my my consult. Dr Lau was understanding and assured me my spine could be fixed. They are incredibly knowledgeable about what they do. They were also fairly CLEAR about how long it would take before the pain got better. AND, they were quite accurate with their estimate, unlike other chiropractors that have sold me false hopes to keep me coming. Because of the length of care I required, they were willing to work with me on my out of pocket expenses. They easily could've charged me a small fortune for the care I received but were kind enough to help what they could. For many reasons, I know they do what they do because they CARE and not for the $$. If you are worried about your out-of-pocket expenses then ASK THEM TO CONFIRM your coverage first. Any non-shady health provider will do that. They combine chiropractic with massage therapy and even acupuncture. Their therapists are are crazy good. My high tolerance for pain and ridiculous amount of knotting in my muscles make it so I can barely FEEL a good massage. However, their team is good, really good. Paul, Ann, Melissa, Javier, Jason...haven't had Courtney or some of the newer people but they're all really good. Dr. Paul does my adjustments and massage occasionally. I'm glad he's not afraid to dig into my problem spots! Yes, their office can be a little crazy but it's because they're GOOD at what they do so naturally they have a lot of clients. They have been really great about my erratic work schedule but I try to call ahead and let them know when I'm coming and let them know when I'm not coming. Common courtesy stuff, people! So what if they call to remind you about appointments you scheduled - wouldn't you want to know if someone was flaking on you too? Anyway, I'm still on the road to recovery but I'm glad to have found chiropractic treatment that works for me. I still have a little pain but it's been so much more manageable these days. Best of all, I got here without surgery, as many have suggested. It's a lot of work, sacrifice and of course out of pocket expense but I am confident saying that all that effort has not been wasted here. Dr. Lau, Dr. Paul and the rest of the gang - thank you so much for not turning me away and helping me down my long road to being pain-free. It's not over yet but I hope I'll get there soon.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Sophie F.Fremont, CA

I've been regularly seeing Dr. Paul and Dr. Lau for over 5 years. Both Dr. Paul and Dr. Lau and their staff are genuinely concern with my well being. I'm an avid tennis player and I spend over 70% of my job is behind a computer. They are able to target my treatments to ensure I stay healthy and pain-free. They have been very accommodating with my appointments. I often have to re-schedule at the last minute due to work conflict and travel schedules. Their flexibility has been greatly appreciated by me.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
LuckyGirl L.Newark, CA

Dr. Paul and Dr. Lau have both adjusted me. They do a great job. Thank you for the treatments. =)

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Tiffany K.Fremont, CA

I'm a new patient at Warm Spring Chiropractic, and I love it! After getting into a car accident last week, I have been experiencing really bad back, neck, and hip pain - much worse than usual. As soon as I got the okay from my auto insurance, I started searching on Yelp for chiropractors. I had been to two different chiropractors before; the first one was good, but I believe is no longer in practice; the second chiropractor I went to, didn't do anything for me at all. When I first called the office here, Dr. Paul spoke with me, and I was already feeling comfortable due to his friendliness on the phone. On my first visit here last week, I really liked the atmosphere of the office. It has a very homey feeling, and the doctors and massage therapists are all so friendly. On my first visit, Paul gave me a very comprehensive exam, took my x ray, and had one of the massage therapists massage me. I really liked the fact that Paul was so friendly, genuine, and really took the time to talk to me, understand my problems, and explain everything to me. I went back for my second visit today and met Dr. Lau, who is also very wonderful. Overall, I am very satisfied with finding this chiropractic office. I feel very comfortable here, and definitely feel like a valued patient, and just not another person paying for services.!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Marissa A.Newark, CA

I love going here for adjustments and for I-lipo great place staff are great very nice Dr Lau and Dr Paul are both great you walk into this office and all the staff greet you with a smile they make you feel welcome definitely recommend it!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
peter m.San Jose, CA

First and foremost to all, please disregard all the 1 star reviews of this practice. They are nothing but a disgruntled employee making up false identities with a vengeful intention. I have been a patient of this practice for about 7 months (since Nov '09). The consultation process was brief and concise. Dr. Paul took me under his care, and explained to me exactly what was going on with my spine and neck. I was then scheduled to be treated 3 times a week. At first, I couldn't get enough of a deep tissue massaging and the joint popping. Then I realized I was sleeping better and had less and less pain everyday. Now I see them only 2 times a week with the same level of comfort and painlessness in my spine and neck as when I went 3 times a week (with the exception of the occasional hangover-slept-in-the-same-position-all-night situations). If I could give 6 stars I would. The staff is friendly and personable. They all come from different backgrounds but seem to make a great team together. OH and I love it when Dr. Lau occasionally bakes cookies for the patients. Sometimes I have one while I'm waiting, then another on my way out.....but SSSHHHH....don't tell them. Although I think they read this anyways. hahahaha Overall, I would recommend this practice to anyone. I'm giving free referrals on here man. Where's my iPod Dr. Paul? Just kidding

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Shari D.Bethlehem, PA

So I gave up on going to Capitola to see Dr. Weinstein. I love going to him, but it was just so far away, and I could only get in after work - which means driving in traffic in two directions. That's enough to make me all tense again!! Following my husband's advice, I scheduled my initial appointment, when an X-ray of my spinal column was taken. Dr. Paul Iattoni (generally called Dr. Paul) was very nice and thorough. In reviewing my X-ray, one thing was made clear: I was uncomfortable for a reason! My neck and lower back were not aligned, which is what was causing my pain. Since then, I've come in on a regular basis to get my therapeutic massages, and also get my alignments done. Dr. Lau is kind of on maternity leave right now, but when she's in the office, she gives a really wonderful neck massage! Both chiropractors are very kind and personable, and they care very much about their patients. The masseurs, Paul and Xavier, are very good, too, and they remember who you are every time you visit. That's service!! Also, they are no longer at the Warm Springs address. They're on Mission Blvd. near Safeway, right next to the post office. Convenient!! :-)

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Kevin C.Fremont, CA

Dr Paul and His wife Dr Lau are excellent and have great customer service and care. The charge is very reasonable with my insurance. I highly recommend them. Also I really enjoy the massage there which enlighten my days after long day work. I have shoulder and neck pain sitting on computers all days long and love to visit them once a while. They have maintenance treatment which really help. I'd suggest you give them a call to make appointments ahead. Otherwise, sometimes need to wait for 15 or 30 mins. You could tell how pack and busy they are because of their outstanding service.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Al W.San Ramon, CA

I was recommended to Warm Spings Chiropractic from a good friend of mine. I was in a car accident and had severe neck and back pain. Dr. Paul spent a lot of time working out the knots on my back. Within a few visits, all the pain went away. I only saw Dr. Paul Iattoni, but I heard Dr. Evangeline Lau was just as good. There office was brand new and conveniently located near my office. I highly recommend this office.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Rich S.Fremont, CA

Dr lau proves that all chiropractors are not the same. Dr Lau really know how to take care of pain. Its important to take care of your body and Dr Lau is an expert I highly recommend!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Jeff P.Livermore, CA

Great place. Dr. Paul fixed me right up. I was in a GREAT deal of pain (moving a couch down stairs did me in...) and he did something to release the pressure and I improved greatly, the pain ceased and today I feel fantastic. Warm springs is a friendly, pleasant place. the massages are fantastic (other chiropractors use a vibrating machine or something, not Warm Springs, they have GREAT PEOPLE doing the massages. so if you have neck or back pain, (these are what I have had in the past) this is the place to go to get on the road to feeling good again. book an appointment, or drop on it today! (check the hours though...)

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Rick N.Sunnyvale, CA

I have been going to Warm Springs for about 2 years. I love their staff and the docs are great and fun people to interact with. They do a great job of keeping my back, neck, and shoulders relaxed and working. Very comfortable, very personal care. :-)

Chiropractor Fremont CA
jennifer a.San Jose, CA

Myself and my whole family has been going to Dr Paul and Dr. Lau for about 2 years. They are absolutely fantastic. They help treat multiple painful issues that I have and have been extremely effective. They have almost totally eliminated all my pain. I say almost because I don't always do what they ask me to do to help prevent my pain. They are very good at what they do. I have four boys, two varsity football players and all do kickboxing. They all benefit from their visits to the chiropractor and Dr. Paul is really good with the kids.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Melissa S.Oakland, CA

The staff is friendly, the massages are great, the prices are affordable. I couldn't be happier here after switching from my last chiropractor. They aren't trying to sell you ANYTHING, they don't ask for a huge sum up front ( I only pay a minimal copay), and the experience is awesome! Even my super skeptical husband has started going and seems really happy. Dr Paul has a great sense of humor, his wife is wonderful and genuine, and the massage therapists are great.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Laura B.Fremont, CA

I would also like to add that I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Every morning when I wake up, both of my hands are numb. I could not open my phone in the morning until I was able to wake up my hands. I had to pick up my phone ( because I use it as my alarm) with both hands until I was able to move my fingers. Once I started at Warm Springs Chiropractic I have noticed a great difference with my carpal tunnel syndrome. My hands seldom get numb at night, I am able to use my hands right away in the morning, no more pain, or awkward feelings. This has been one of the great benefits from my treatments. Thank you for your time

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Ta G.San Francisco, CA

Ahhhhh - how can you not enjoy a massage? Owned by a chiropractic couple (both very sweet and genuine), I go here for back adjustments as well as massages since I suffer from chronic back pain. The massage therapists and owners Dr. Lau and Dr. Iatonni are great - I never appreciated a deep tissue, "painfully" good massage until I came here. Now I am all for it. DIG IN!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
James M.West Palm Beach, FL

I have been a patient for a couple of years now. The new location is great and has more space than the old one. Dr Paul, Dr Lau and his entire staff have done wonders for my back and neck pain. It's a doctor visit I look forward to. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who needs chiropractic service. If I didn't work so far away I would go 2x a week when needed.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Cheryl R.Fremont, CA

I've been going to Warm Springs Chiropractic for almost 4 years now! I work in a dental office and my low back, neck and shoulders are always in pain after work. After treatment here I always FEEL GREAT! My husband also comes here for treatment and no complaints from him. I go here regularly (2 times a month) for maintenance. When I first started I came weekly. Every patient is different so Dr. Paul and Dr. Lau will recommend what is best for your needs. I highly recommend you come here and make an appointment. Dr. Paul, Dr. Lau, Javier and Paul are EXCELLENT!!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Ada L.Union City, CA

I had tremendously pain on my left thumb due to frequent use of laptop mouse. Have been seeing Dr Paul for 14 months and now I am pain-free. Besides treating my left thumb problem, he also performs adjustment on my back and neck in every visit. His staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who needs chiropractic service.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Andrew A.Manteca, CA

This place is GREAT! Treatment includes a preliminary massage and sometimes electrical stim if you need it, then you get adjusted. All the massage therapists are VERY good. Adjustments are always smooth and seem effortless, and you walk out of there ready to take a nap. They are very flexible with scheduling appointments and if you happen to be in the area on a day your not scheduled, just call and theyll get you in. As long as I'm in Fremont, I'll be coming here.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Maggie R.San Jose, CA

I've been going to Warm Springs Chiropractic for 5+years now! My job requires me working at a computer and with my long working hours (14 hr+) my neck and shoulders were always in pain after work, also a car accident that I had created new issues with my lower back/hip area. After treatment from Dr Paul, I can truly say that I felt relief from all the pain! I highly recommend you come here and make an appointment. Did I mention that the massage from Pablo(Paul) is the bomb! I truly feel that the combination of Pablo's massage and Dr Pauls treatment were the key to relieving my pain. Dont delay, call for appt now, why suffer with pain!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Fremont Mom V.Fremont, CA

I started seeing Dr. Paul and Dr. Lau (don't know why they do it that way, but they do!) several years ago for stress-related migraines. I live in Silicon Valley and work for a high tech company, go figure. With 1 x-ray and about a month of regular visits...the migraines were gone. I keep going back because years later, whenever the headaches start to re-appear one visit puts things right. I also have a long commute and work at a computer, not a surprise in the Valley, I know...but thanks to these two and their FANtastic massage staff -- the aching neck, shoulders, and back of "knowledge work" is delightfully relieved. I'm a regular and I plan to keep it that way.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Leanne P.Milpitas, CA

I've been going to Warm Springs Chiropractic for about 2 or so years now and I always feel so much better after seeing them. I have horrible back pains [I'm not sure why, I've just always had them] and their therapists [especially Paul and Javier] are always able to beat all the knots out of my back! And Dr Lau is great at adjusting my shoulders! AND Dr Paul will make you feel like you're in heaven after he's adjusted you! I have a standing reservation every other Thursday :)

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Terry L.Fremont, CA

Dr. Paul is personable and friendly. I tweaked my back and I asked for a 20 session package. So far I do feel like the adjustments have helped. The main thing I like about them is that they are laid back and flexible on schedule. I would and have recommended them to friends/family.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Ronald L.San Francisco, CA

I have been going to Warm Springs Chiropractic for a few years. They have moved to a bigger and better location in Fremont. The old office was small and few seats for waiting, now this location has a big waiting area and more staff on hand. Dr. Paul and Dr. Evangeline Lau does great chiropractic work, when ever I get hurt, I'll give them a call and they fit me into their schedule. They have great therapists like Paul and Javier and they hit all the trigger points to help release the knots. Another great thing is unlike other places that are open for a few days and have tight appointments, Dr. Paul and Dr. Lau will do whatever they can to accommodate you. They are conveniently located off the Freeway where as before you would have to drive a few miles into Fremont to get to their office. Friendly doctors and friendly staff on hand They also have massages which I have tried for a fair price and highly recommend. Also the business hours are great, normal offices close at 5ish, they are open later so when I have to stay late at work, I can still get adjusted.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Alexander H.Livermore, CA

I have been a regular client here for several years. I have been through back aches, injuries, carpel tunnel, and other issues. In almost every case, my medical doctor would just prescribe bandages and medicine to cover the pain. At Warm Springs Chiropractic, Dr. Paul would find the root cause and show me steps to correct it using specific exercises and stretches. In every case, he has been right. He really understands how the body works. I highly recommend this practice.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
carolyn c.Fremont, CA

I have been going to Warm Spring Chiropractic for 3 months now. Dr. Paul treated me the first time. I already felt much better. The second time, Dr. Lau explained to me what happened to me about my spine (THE X-Ray). I have been going there very regularly and have seen all 3 Doctors including Dr. Brent. They are all top notch doctors. I have reaped a lot of benefits from these three wonderful doctors. They are very knowledgeable, patient, kind and wonderful doctors I have ever met in my life. Keep up your good work.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Arc S.Milpitas, CA

Excellent chiropractic care and very professional. I have had chronic neck/back pain for the past 3 years but i feel so much better after starting treament with Dr Lau . Wish i had found her earlier!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Kevin Chow

Dr Paul is awesome and my togo chiropractic.

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Karna R.

Dr. Paul is awesome. Has 🐝 helping me for years & now helps my family including my two kids!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
David Chen

EI received awesome chiropractic care here, and I berated myself for not choosing chiropractic care sooner. The moment I stepped into this chiropractor office, I knew I was in capable hands. The staff is very kind and highly knowledgeable; the doctor was able to draw up a treatment plan designed particularly for my case. He took his time to explain how the treatment would work to help me. I was never left in the dark, as he explained every procedure to me. I was really pleased with the way this place is run! God bless them, everyone!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Sandra Baker

I am coming to this office for more than 6 month and since then I am feeling much better. I continue with my adjustments and am looking to achieve from 45 - 85 greater range of motion which will improve my activities and quality of life. I would definitely recommend going to them!!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Laura White

I had an accident in which I suffered a popped shoulder that hurt like hell. I didn’t know which professional should I visit, given the fact that all of my family members had not been satisfied with trauma treatment from the professionals in our area. After getting recommended by a friend, I have decided to visit Dr. Lau's office. There was something that drew me in to call them. I was scheduled for an appointment. She was very professional from the start and I have to say she was the friendliest doctor I've ever been to in my life. By firstly talking to me and getting me comfortableShe gently adjusted my back and neck. The pain was minimal given that I was still caught up in the discussion. What a pro...!

Chiropractor Fremont CA
Susan Parker

Before coming to Dr. Lau I had lots of neck pain on my right side. After a couple of adjustments I felt relief. Throughout my visits I learned information about correct posture and the spine, and fun facts about changes I should make in my life to live healthier.

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